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Forest Adaptation Planning in the Central Appalachians

The Climate Change Response Framework is a collaborative, cross-boundary approach among scientists, managers, and landowners to incorporate climate change considerations into natural resource management. It provides an integrated set of tools, partnerships, and actions to support climate-informed conservation and forest management.

The first day will largely introduce topics of past and future climate change, impacts on forest ecosystems (including trees, soils, hydrology, wildlife, etc.), concepts of adaptation, and real-world examples of adaptation. The second day will guide a sub-set of forest managers through a process to incorporate climate change adaptation into forest management and planning.

Workshop Agenda

Research Spotlight

Degraded Streams as Dilapidated Houses: How to Decide which are Worthy Fixer-Uppers?

George Merovich and Michael Strager, Environmental Research Center Faculty Fellows, and Todd Petty Environmental Research Center Associate Director, recently had an article on stream condition published in Freshwater Science and featured in the Society of Freshwater Sciences Newsletter.

ERC Events & Activities

Environmental Research Center Spring 2015 Seminar Series

The theme of the 2014-2015 ERC seminar series is “Promoting Stewardship of Water Resources,” and speakers will include Ethan Steinman (Daltonic Films), William White (Pennsylvania State University), and Melinda Daniels (Stroud Water Research Center). All seminars are free and available for all to attend. Read more…

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Welcome to the West Virginia University
Environmental Research Center

The goal of the Environmental Research Center (ERC) is to provide a center of excellence at West Virginia University that facilitates the integration of environmental research, outreach/education, and practitioner science. The ERC acts as an unbiased intermediary among groups and as a regional and national leader in integrated environmental and social research and outreach. The Center is housed in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, and is a collaborative venture involving faculty and staff from numerous programs and colleges throughout WVU as well as external collaborators from both the public and private sectors. The center’s goal is to serve as the nucleus tying together various groups who are interested in interdisciplinary environmental research and education. As a college center, the ERC focuses on being a key driver behind large multi- and interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach efforts focused on environmental topics.

Selected Upcoming Events

Climate Change and West Virginia Forests

April 14-15, 2015
April 14: Preparing for Climate Change session
April 15: Forest Adaptation Planning and Practices training